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FTGO Wristband’s Value 
FTGO is the leading supplier of wristbands products in China, providing customers with the highest levels of service and widest range of products. 

Medical wristbands can be divided into 3 types, for adult, children or newborns. The identification of the patient's identity is the cornerstone of patient safety. It provides the most convenient and efficient way to ensure the safety of patient information. The key of our success, it is using the simplest and credible way to help nurses and doctors to confirm patients’ information.  Entertainment wristbands can not only be used in large events and gatherings, but also used to distinguish different groups of members, such as VIP and teenagers under 18 years old. A good management and planning of a large event is very important. 

All of these products with high quality, FTGO can provide range of colors and patterns as possible. FTGO can create for you. Focusing on medical wristbands and entertainment wristbands, we will be more professional in production and services in this field.


Exceptional Value. World Class Customer Service

Since 2011, FTGO has been China's leading manufacturer and supplier of identification products, with a focus on quality, service and relationships. For this reason, FTGO is proud to work with thousands of hospitals all over China. From small quantities of wristbands to runs of hundreds of thousands of medical and entertainment wristbands, FTGO is the undisputed leader in our field.  Try us once and you'll see why.


Making the Choice Between Wristbands

There are, admittedly, many options. For this reason FTGO has designed its website to allow you the easiest method possible of navigating to the right product style. Our top menu allows you to search for products by type (if you are familiar with the different materials), by use (dependent on your industry) and by need (for example, budget, custom printed). Our goal is to allow the expert wristband shopper, as well as the novice, to locate and purchase their desired products quickly and efficiently.


Promotional Wristbands that Hit the Mark

Silicone wristbands are the softest and most popular style on the market. FTGO is your partner in all marketing campaigns where these are used. Available in a range of colours and with great branding opportunities, silicone wristbands are excellent promotional product.


What Can You Expect From FTGO?

We treat every order with the same level of professionalism and courtesy. You can expect expert advice, intelligent ideas and exceptional products from FTGO, every time you work with us.